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  • Takamaz - Lathe | Cosmos Impex

    Takamaz Machinery , Japan - Twin Spindle chucker with Auto-loading

  • Star - Sliding Head Lathe | Cosmos Impex

    Star Micronics , Japan - Twin Spindle Sliding Headstock type turning centers * for more configurations please contact sales.

  • VTL | VMC | Sliding Head Lathe | 5 Axis | Drill Tap Center

    Imported Machine Tools One Stop Solution for High Technology Machining Solutions from India and Across the World વેચાણ સેવા તકનિકી સહાય એપ્લિકેશન સપોર્ટ જાળવણી યોજના Brands we Represent આયાત કરેલ વિભાગ ઉત્પાદન શ્રેણી . એચએમસી | વીટીએલ | ડીસીએમસી | એચટીસી | વીએમસી | 5 એએક્સ | ટીએમસી | ઇડીએમ Vertical Machining Centers Super Speed Drill Tap Center Higher performance drill tap centers for ultra acceleration in Z Axis , the RMV Series promises serious productivity boost . ​ Know Mofre Vertical Machining Center High Performance vertical machining center ​ ​ ​ ​ Know More Double Column Machining Center For larger component we have models ranging from 1200 mm between column to upto 4000mm between column​ ​ Know More Double Column 5 Axis Machine Large heavy cutting 5 Axis machine from Eumach Taiwan for large bulky components. ​ ​ Know More Horizontal Machining Centers Horizontal Drill Tap Center For complex component with elaborate fixtures. The Horizontal Drill Tap center is perfect for boosting the productivity. Also available with Pallet changer See More Horizontal Machining Center High Performance horizontal machining center, available with multipallet pool system ​ ​ ​ Know More Heavy Duty Horizontal HMC For larger component needing pallet size over 1000mm , this models comes with Heavy duty ram and an optional quill ​ ​ Know More Horizontal Boring Machine Heavy duty boring machine from You Ji Taiwan , leader of Vertical boring machines ​ ​ ​ Know More Turning Centers Compact Vertical Turning Centers Smaller vertical lathes for components upto 1000mm turning diameter ​ See More Large Vertical Turning Centers For large components over 1000mm diameter heavy duty VTLs from Youji ​ Know More Big Bore Oil Country Lathe For large bores and robust gear drvien spindles ​ ​ Know More Flatbed Lathe We offer wide range of flatbed lathe based on your application and need​ ​ Know More Turnmill Centers Sliding Headstock Lathes Twin spindle , sliding head lathe are ideal for turning milling and drilling small components upto 20-35 mm in diameter ​ See More Y Axis Turnmill Centers For bigger components requiring turning milling and drilling , our multi spindle multi turret solution is the way to go ​ Know More Twin Spindle Chucker For mass production of short length component , twin spindle autoloading unloading type machines form Japan ​ ​ Know More Variable Angle Turnmill Center for components with milling or drilling at variable angles CY Series from CCM is the perfect choice. ​ ​ Know More Die & Mould Specific Performance 5 Axis Machining Centers High performance 5 axis machining centers with various optional features including pallet changer from LItz Taiwan. See More Double Column 5 Axis Machine Large heavy cutting 5 Axis machine from Eumach Taiwan for large bulky components. ​ Know More ZNC EDM Die Sinker Easy to operate , plug and play ZNC EDM , most popular imported ZNC from Taiwan Know More Ram Type CNC EDM Die Sinker For large and complex dies we have high performance multi ram CNC EDM Sinkers for HCM Taiwan ​ Know More ડાઉનલોડ કરો કેટલોગ . ઉત્પાદન સોલ્યુશન ડાઇ અને મોલ્ડ સોલ્યુશન પાંચ એક્સિસ સોલ્યુશન મિલ ટર્ન સોલ્યુશન Vertical Machining Centers Horizontal Macning Centers Turning Centers Turnmill Centers Die & Mould Specific Get Full Training and Application Support સેવા હોટલાઇન + 91-9377666555

  • Grinding Solutions | Special Purpose Surface Grinders | Cosmo

    ઝડપી અવતરણ જર્મન ડિઝાઇન સરફેસ ગ્રાઇન્ડર્સ, મેડ ઇન ઇન્ડિયા. કોસ્મોસ એ પસંદગી માટે વિશાળ પ્રમાણભૂત અને વિશેષ હેતુની સપાટી ગ્રાઇન્ડર્સ પ્રદાન કરે છે. રિસીપ્રોકેટીંગ અને રોટરી સરફેસ ગ્રાઇન્ડીંગ મશીનો અને જર્મન ટેક્નોલreeજી ક્રિપ ફીડ ગ્રાઇન્ડીંગ મશીન اور Download Pdf Contact Us બ -ક્સ-ઇન-બ Designક્સ ડિઝાઇન કumnલમ - ગ્રાઇન્ડીંગ દરમિયાન ઝીરો ડિફ્લેક્શન માટે સરળ પ્રોગ્રામિંગ બ્રોશર્સ ડાઉનલોડ કરો સપાટી ગ્રાઇન્ડર્સ ખાસ હેતુ ગ્રાઇન્ડરનો અમારો સંપર્ક કરો Get Full Training and Application Support સેવા હોટલાઇન + 91-9377666555 ક્રાઇપ ફીડ ગ્રાઇન્ડીંગ મશીનો

  • Litz - 5 Axis Machines | Cosmos Impex

    Litz Machinery , Taiwan - Full 5 Axis Machining Center - LU Series - Horizontal Machining Center - LH Series

  • Akira Seiki - Performance Machines | Cosmos Impex

    Akira Seiki , Taiwan - Horizontal Drill Tap Center - H Series - Double Speed Drill Tap Center - RMV Series - Vertical Machining Center - SR Seires - Horizontal Turning Center - SL Series

  • CVM Series | Vertical Machining Center - VMC | Cosmos India

    Our Products > MillTap Series Comos Impex > Cosmos Group > MillTap Series દ્વારા સંચાલિત Drill Tap Center for Focussed Production - Cosmos Milltap Series is a result of longterm strategic partnership with Akira Seiki. This Partnership holds the key to the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE of a True Drill Tap Centers EXCELLENT RELIABILITY MillTap Series as the name suggest is our high speed DTC for Milling, Drilling and Tapping in high production environment.Highly recommended for batch production of compact components.MillTap address 2 KEY Revenue Generating Areas HIGH SPEED Quick Production + SMALL FOOTPRINT for max. no. of spindle per sq. foot Download Pdf Contact Us Click here Click here Click here Click here જાપાની મશીનોના મેન્યુફેક્ચરિંગ સ્ટાન્ડર્ડ સાથે મેળ ખાતી, સીવીએમ સિરીઝ બધા મશીન ટૂલ વપરાશકર્તાઓ બહુમુખી ઉચ્ચ ઉત્પાદકતા મશીન માટે જુએ તે માટે મુખ્ય પસંદગી બની છે. એરોસ્પેસ, ડાઇ અને મોલ્ડ અને ઉત્પાદન ઘટકો માટે યોગ્ય. આ મશીનો ઉત્તમ અર્ગનોમિક્સ, એક સરળ વપરાશકર્તા ઇન્ટરફેસ અને સમૃદ્ધ ગ્રાહક અનુભવ સાથે આવે છે. Title Units MT 460 MT 700 X-Axis Travel mm 460 700 Y-Axis Travel mm 320 320 Z-Axis Travel mm 300 300 Spindle Nose to Table Surface ( Daylight ) mm 180-480 (280-580) 180-480 (280-580) Spindle Centre to Z-Axis Telescopic Cover mm Table Dimension mm x mm 520 x 320 760 x 320 Max. Safe Load on Table Kg 250 350 No/Width/CD of T-Slots No./mm/mm Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive Spindle Taper - BBT 30 BBT 30 Spindle Speed rpm 12000 12000 Spindle Motor Power (Mitsubishi) kW 3.7/5.5/11 3.7/5.5/11 Spindle Motor Power (Fanuc) kW 6/7.5/9/11 6/7.5/9/11 Spindle Motor Power (Siemens) kW - - Guideway Type Ball LM Type Ball LM Type Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z Axes m/min. 60/60/60 60/60/60 Cutting Feedrates m/min. 10 10 ATC Type - Servo Turret Type Servo Turret Type No. of Tools Nos 21 21 Max. Tool Length mm 160 160 Max. Tool Weight Kg 3 3 Tool Diameter (with adjacent tool) mm 50 50 Tool Diameter (without adjacent tool) mm - - Tool Changing Time (Tool to Tool) Sec. 1.5 1.5 Positioning Accuracy mm 0.001 0.001 Repeatability mm +/-0.003 +/-0.003 Floor Space ( without Chip conveyor/auger) W x D Machine Maximum Height H Net Weight (with ATC) Kg 2000 2400 Specifications Unit Get Full Training and Application Support સેવા હોટલાઇન + 91-9377666555

  • What is Zenez | Cosmos Impex

    ZENEZ V+ ZENEZ+ Focuses on Improved user friendly and intuitive user machine interface. It provides excellent visibility into the machine operation. Highly relevant options for Pre , During and Post Machining usage. It comes with a display with excellent visibility , an easy-to-use keyboard and improved hardware to offer better operability. Quick Setup Advance Control Smart Dashboard Insigthful Reports Maintainance Assist Quick Support What is ZENEZ V+ Key Features of Zenez Pre - Machining From assisting user to quick setup of tool magazine using the tool manager app to advance setup of tool load and type using the teach in mode. Zenez opens access to wide range of features which are now easy to use for the operator. Programmers can now switch the machine servo tuning based on the application requirement by using our machining condition selection app which offers 9 levels of preset servo tuning for precise control over the operation needs. ​ ​ During Machining The Downtime analysis app with DTE Popup ( Down Time Entry ) has helped many user identify various shortages in their factory which resulted in the machine being idle out of which only 20% was operator related rest due different departments . •While the machine does its work , the Zenez home screen provides rich information to the user. From the current part count vs target , tool life cycle count . Helping user not only see the number of parts made but also give an alert to the user when it is time to check the tools for wear (based on user process sheet). Post Machining Zenez provides various reports on a daily basis to supervising team. Now machine can provide the Utilization summary and Downtime report on the screen , same can be exported to the USB or SD card. Diagnosis To ensure fast and efficient service support ,Zenez offers I/o and PLC Bit app which provides quick access as well as visual access to the required data. Also available is usage history of the machine. Maintenance To ensure your investment is well taken care of , ZENEZ provides on machine Maintenance Checklist for - Daily - Monthly - Quarterly - Preventive care of the machines. With this machine can be stopped if routine checks are not carried out a indicator for this is built into the Zenez home screen . •Further quick support feature like the Alarm search , which can provide the reason and remedy of the alarm to the automatic backup function which helps you setup your backup schedule the way you want it. For More Details please share your contact details , we will email you the details after IMTS 2022 First Name Company Name Email Contact Number Submit Thank you , you will get the details by 20th September

  • Cosmos Double Column India... | Cosmos Impex

    Cosmos Maximus , Taiwan - Heavy Duty Double Column Machines - Maximus Series - Mono-bridge Die Mould Double Column Machine - Zeus Series

  • Contact | Cosmos Group | Gujarat

    અમારી પ્રાદેશિક ટીમ સાથે સંપર્કમાં રહો અખિલ ભારતીય - 9662044983 ઉત્તર ભારત - 9350050200 પશ્ચિમ ભારત - 7043735005 મહારાષ્ટ્ર - 9423573887 મુંબઇ - 7030877977 કર્ણાટક - 9902200025 તમિલનાડુ - 7574021485 પૂર્વ ભારત - 9662044983 સરનામું اور કોસ્મોસ ઇમ્પેક્સ ઇન્ડિયા પ્રા. લિ. મુખ્ય કાર્યાલય. કોસ્મોસ હાઉસ, 85/2 એટલાદ્રા, પાદરા રોડ, વડોદરા 390 012 (ગુજરાત.), ભારત. اور મશીન ટૂલ મેન્યુફેક્ચરિંગ યુનિટ. કોસ્મોસ મશીન ટૂલ્સ, પ્લોટ નંબર 68 / બી, એટલાદ્રા, પાદ્રા આરડી, વડોદરા 390012 (ગુજરાત.), ભારત. اور કોસ્મોસ એન્જીટેક પ્રા. લિ. 445, GCEL Rd, GIDC industrialદ્યોગિક એસ્ટેટ, મકરપુરા, વડોદરા 390012 (ગુજરાત.), ભારત. اور اور اور સંપર્ક વિગતો મશીન ટૂલ ક્વેરીઝ વેચાણ સપોર્ટ: +91 9662044983 સર્વિસ લાઇન: +91 9377666555 ઇમેઇલ આઈડી: اور ચોકસાઇ કમ્પોનન્ટ મેન્યુફેક્ચરિંગ: اور OEM રોટરી ટેબલ અને સંઘાડોની પૂછપરછ: +91 6352796752 اور લેન્ડલાઇન : +91 2656127000 اور જોબ ઇન્ક્વાયરીઝ માટે અમને તમારું ફરી શરૂ ઇમેઇલ કરો સંપર્કમાં રહેવા વિષય arrow&v સબમિટ કરો સબમિટ કરવા બદલ આભાર! All India Sales Contact 50+ વેચાણ 70+ સેવા 18+ કચેરીઓ 5 ફેક્ટરીઓ અખિલ ભારત વેચાણ અને સપોર્ટ નેટવર્ક .

  • Zenez Features | Cosmos Impex

    Back to Last Page ZENEZ Features Boost your daily profits with ease Smart Dashboard Home Screen helps user to know all necessary information about the MACHINE | PROGRAM | TOOL | AIR | MAINTENANCE Smart Reports This tool helps you see and optimize the program / workholding / process Down-Time Analysis Get Complete report on why machine was Idle from the machine . Whenever machine stops , the DTE pops up for classification for interruption in machining Overall Equipment Efficiency One-Touch to know your Machine OEE Tool Load Teach and Setting Here we can register the minimum and maximum load of the tools used in the magazine. Tool type can also be set here Machine Condition Selection Maximize his PROFITS – by Gaining customised control over Roughing , Semi Roughing and Finishing Parameters Quick Tool Setup Is a schematic view of the Tools & ATC Pockets to allows user to visualize and manage tool magazine with confidence. hom ct sumary utli downtie oee tool lod macinig conditio toolmgr For More Details please share your contact details , we will email you the details after IMTS 2022 First Name Company Name Email Contact Number Submit Thank you , you will get the details by 20th September

  • Newsletter | Cosmos Group | India

    સંપર્કમાં આવવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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